What Travelers Say …

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Here’s what travelers on 3000 Years of Jewish India have had to say. 

Tour member from New York:

“I loved the trip! You introduced us to so many wonderful things that I could never have seen on my own. I learned a tremendous amount about our heritage and about India. And Kerala was my Garden of Eden.”

Tour member from New Hampshire:

“My trip to south India fulfilled my dreams of connection and discovery. I met warm and interesting people, learned much about ancient history, and saw virtually undiscovered Jewish architecture and design.

“I practiced yoga under a mango tree, by a rice paddy, and on the beach at the Arabian Sea. I ate delicious, subtly flavored foods and was delighted by the colors and textures of daily life. For 3000 years, Jews have been making the same voyage for similar reasons.”

Tour member from Israel:

“Our trip was very enjoyable. The hotels were superb, the guides were excellent, the logistics and arrangements were first rate.

“Iris and Howard were great hosts, always cheerful, and creating a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere.

“We discovered Jewish India with its many synagogues, communities (fast disappearing), and history. India in general and Kerala in particular, are a must.”

Tour members from Israel:

“We really enjoyed the time spent with you – South India is extremely beautiful and we had no idea of the rich Jewish history that took place there. It was a great small group that Iris and Howard organized and we saw lots of fascinating sites – a highly enjoyable holiday.

“Iris and Howard really made an effort to please everybody and especially arranged very interesting and unusual meals which in themselves were worth going to India for. We ate really well and tasted all sorts of foods that we would not have tasted otherwise. It was fascinating to meet members of the small Jewish community in Mumbai at an exquisite restaurant.”

Tour member from London:

“Thank you, Iris and Howard, for an amazing trip. I hope you’re getting ready for the next trip which I wouldn’t mind joining again.”

Tour member from Cologne:

“I enjoyed the trip very much and was very excited about everything we did. I think it was good to concentrate on one subject on this trip – Jewish India!”

Tour member from Ohio:

“Thank you for putting together this trip. People ask me how I liked India and all I can say is very, very interesting!”

Tour member from New York:

“I’m in my twenties and being able to experience India with my mother was priceless. We have been traveling together all my life and not only was this one of my favorite trips but it allowed me to see my Jewish heritage in a new light while appreciating Indian culture. I made so many new friends from all over the world.

“I loved the hotels we stayed in and the tours we went on. I would do it all over again if I could!!”

Tour member from Israel:

“I arrived safely back home and am recounting my wonderful trip to my family and friends!”