Consulting Services

A river cruise in India


Burkat Global, LLC services are tailored to the needs of individuals and organizations:

  • We build new services, including the new tours we have developed for experienced global travelers
  • We create service enhancements to help improve customer relationships
  • We work with you to find ways to improve marketing programs
  • We help build relationships with employees, donors, volunteers, suppliers and more

Some of our services:

  • New travel services, including tours for specialized interests
  • Communications programs and services
  • Best practices gap audits – products, services, marketing, communications, distribution
  • Enhancement of products, services and marketing – for long term sustainability
  • Customer experience driven development – new products and services
  • Opportunities assessments – costs , revenues, bottom line, sustainability benefits
  • Marketing research and analysis – what customers think, what they say, what they want, what you can do
  • Strategic planning – enterprises, products and services, market segments, new services
  • Implementation – start making a difference