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Going to the movies!

Hard to believe … but inside this wall is the most modern movie theater I’ve ever seen, with huge reclining seats, the biggest screen, and river-like water flowing over rocks under the center aisle.

We saw “Picket 43” – a film about the border conflict between India and Pakistan – in Malayalam, the language of Kerala. It’s not Bollywood for sure, but interesting none the less.

Howard is buying movie tickets at ladies’ window … never did find the men’s window. 100 rupees is less than $2.




Sunset on the Malabar Coast

No one would believe this is India.

… After absorbing 3000 fascinating years of Mumbai and Cochin-area Jewish history, we are swimming, reading, dosing and watching the sun set at Beach House, only 8 hours north of Cochin.

“How did you find this place?” our driver asked in disbelief as we finally found our way down the winding road to the sea.

The small river runs along the side of the inn that nourishes an ecological system of a mangrove and rich bird life. Swimming, boating, bird watching and walking on the country roads are the activities we enjoy.

Kannur Beach Sunset

A traveler from our 2014 tour said, “I loved the trip! You introduced us to so many wonderful things that I could never have seen on my own. I learned a tremendous amount about our heritage and about India. And Kerala was my Garden of Eden.”

Kochi-Muziris Biennale Art Exhibition

Another Biennale favorite … Never know what will turn up on Kochi’s waterfront Biennale! A replica of a bell so heavy that it sunk the ship on which it was being transported …with water spouting 24/7. Is this art?
Kochi-Muziris Biennale … has something for every taste … even the “non-spice-loving” gourmets in our “3000 Years of Jewish India” tour!

Here we are exploring an international exhibition of contemporary art set in spaces across Kochi, Muziris and surrounding islands. The exhibit is held in existing galleries and halls, public spaces, heritage buildings and dis-used structures.

Indian and international artists exhibit pieces across a variety of mediums including film, installation, painting, sculpture, new media and performance art invoking the historic cosmopolitan legacy of the modern metropolis of Kochi, and its mythical predecessor, the ancient port of Muziris.

A rich program of talks, seminars, screenings, music, workshops and educational activities!

Join us on our next tour!

Birthday in the Backwaters

Here we are on the houseboat with friends, floating about in a near state of bliss.

A perfect birthday in India!

In the backwaters of India’s southern state of Kerala, in this seemingly endless string of interconnected waterways, paddy fields and coconut groves that stretch down the Malabar Coast.

This place offers a chance to witness another side of a country often known for its frenetic pace of life.

Look for 2017 invitation to join me here soon!

– Iris