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We are very excited to be returning to India for our 2015 tour, leaving today with a wonderful group of people.

Howard and I are in full planning mode… organizing our next tour for January 2017.

Imagine! Mumbai, Cochin, the Backwaters of Kerala. Plus Extension tours available to the Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle.

Great food, wonderful company!  Yes, even YOGA on the beach!

JOIN US in January 2017.   3000 Years of Jewish India!!

Launching our next journey…

Palms in India

Officially, it’s spring in the northeast. So of course we’re expecting another snow storm.

Many friends sent photos of this past winter’s snow storms while I was guiltily enjoying perfect south Indian weather following our 2014 Jewish India tour…

Here’s a photo taken from the porch of my guest house …

Snow or no, we’re launching next winter’s tour for 2017 today. Take a look!