Booking Your Trip

Learning to play the tabla in the Backwaters

Space is limited.

To reserve, please send your $500.00 per person deposit to:
(refundable up to 10/17/17)

Burkat Global, LLC
645 North Broadway, Suite 28, Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706 USA

Contact Iris for more information and to let her know that your check is in the mail:    +1-914-231-9023

And, in conclusion…

Talk with us about pre and post tour extensions. We can work with you to help you plan and book throughout India and the region.

Please remember that the description and day to day details of this trip are always being tweaked. A final version of the itinerary will be provided before your departure. Also remember – India is India, not Europe or the US. Things work differently there. Relax and go with the flow.

To make sure there is room for you (remember, we can only take a maximum of 20), let us know now of your interest in this exciting, luxurious vacation, adventure, and unique learning experience. And of course, please do pass this on to friends and family.

3000 Years of Jewish India means the best hotels, with the best food, and the leading educator and guides on Jewish India. We promise a superb trip to a fascinating part of the world few ever see. And a stimulating educational exploration in which few have a chance to participate.

Join us!

Iris & Howard

P.S. Think about creating your own group tour!  3000 Years of Jewish India is a perfect way to extend synagogue members’ understanding beyond modern diasporas to modern Israel and from Eastern Europe.


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