About Burkat Global, LLC

Howard and Iris Burkat in Versailles


Burkat Global, LLC provides tourism development and marketing services.
We have been serving individuals, governments, corporations, NGOs/non-profits,
and educational institutions for over four decades.

Burkat Global, LLC provides expertise in:

Tourism Development, Travel, Tours
Consumer Services | Entertainment & Media
Product Development, Planning, Communications




Iris Burkat
Burkat Global, LLC
Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Iris develops products, services, and marketing programs for individuals as well as businesses. She has worked for global and local governments, corporations, and NGOs/non-profits, using classic marketing techniques and new technologies. She positions organizations and individuals to grow sustainably in a constantly changing world. Iris holds a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from New York University. Iris has traveled professionally and as an individual to more than 60 countries.

Burkat Global was born out of this passion for travel and professional marketing and services development experience in New York’s high-end travel and personal finance.

Burkat Global’s first tour, 3000 Years of Jewish India, in January 2014, grew out of many trips to India over more than 30 years, and one very special visit 17 years ago to Jerusalem’s Israel Museum’s Cochin synagogue installation that sparked our interest in Jewish India.

Howard Burkat
Burkat Global, LLC
Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Communications

Howard has held senior marketing and communications positions in major US media and NGO/ non-profit organizations. As consultant, he has researched, analyzed, recommended and implemented communications-oriented solutions for start-ups, government, corporate and faith-based clients throughout the world.

Howard holds a BA from the University of Michigan and a Masters Degree in Communications in a joint program of the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School and the Wharton School.

Howard has traveled professionally and as an individual to more than 60 countries. His passion for travel and his experience developing projects in the entertainment industry makes him a key member of the Burkat Global partnership.


More about the Burkat Global team

The Burkat Global team understands organizations and individual needs from the inside and out. Each consultant has held senior management positions at major global organizations. Each has managed a broad variety of results-based and sustainable consulting assignments. Collectively, we have implemented thousands of global projects. Every member is a smart, creative, strategic and tactical problem solver.

David Zeitlin
Research Director and President Marketing Dimensions Inc.,
Marketing Research and Analysis

David has helped solve major strategic marketing challenges for hundreds of consumer and commercial clients worldwide. David is a graduate of St. Andrews University in Scotland and has taught at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A native of the UK, he has overseen global research on too many assignments to count. Forde Consulting, Marketing Strategy and Project Management. Forde has tackled difficult marketing and service delivery problems for global financial and other institutions, on staff and as consultant.

Alan Brooks
Creative Director and President, Alan Brooks Creative

Alan Brooks has led successful multi-media design teams within major US broadcast and cable corporations and from the outside for a variety of US media, financial, industrial and non-profit clients. Alan is a graduate of New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts and is an adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey.

Bridget Gibbons
Social Media Director and President, Gibbons Digital

Gibbons Digital manages the planning and execution of a rapidly expanding list of social media campaigns throughout the US.

Ilene Leff
Consultant, Organizational Strategy and Human Resources Management

Ilene has managed projects for clients at former employer McKinsey as well as a growing list of leading global social entrepreneur, environmental and other NGOs/non-profits. She holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s Degree from Columbia University.

Carol Silverman
YogaWorks, New York

Carol uses yoga therapy to help enhance the creativity, social consciousness, and focus of employees of some of New York’s most progressive and fastest growing organizations.

Anne Borrell
Designer, Web Manager for Burkat Global, LLC

Anne is a graphic designer for web and print. She maintains the website, designs ads, graphics, and various promotional literature for Burkat Global.


For more information, contact Iris at iburkat@burkatglobal.com or call +1 914 231 9023